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4 Paula’s Choice Products That Would Get a Green Light From Your Derm

The ingredient(s) derms love: zinc oxide and resveratrol

Why they get the greenlight: Sunscreen plus antioxidants: a dream duo beloved by every derm in existence. (Slight exaggeration, but we’ve never met one who has said otherwise!). Simply put, these umbrella terms—found here in the form of zinc oxide and resveratrol, respectively—offer unparalleled protection against signs of premature aging. (ICYMI: UV rays and free radicals speed up sunspots, sagging, and other afflictions that make your skin appear older than it is.)

Because this formula’s SPF component is zinc-based, it may warrant extra brownie points from certain skin pros. As per previous insight, zinc oxide’s benefits extend beyond sun protection. Specifically, it can “help treat inflammation,” and calm reactive skin, making it ideal for those with inflammatory skin conditions like acne and rosacea. Worried about a tell-tale zinc oxide white cast? This particular product creates a lightweight physical barrier that, when sheered out, blends seamlessly.

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